Adding Footnotes

This article describes the ways you can add footnotes to forms that you are editing, as well as change the order in which the footnotes are listed at the bottom of the form.

NOTE: Footnotes have a limit of 1000 characters. Attempting to save or use a footnote with more than 1000 characters will cause an error.

Footnotes Library

When you import forms, footnotes in those forms are included, and they become available for you to add to the footnote library. From the library, you can reuse them in subsequent forms simply by selecting them.

Adding Footnotes

While you’re editing a form, you can type new footnotes or select those that you have stored in the footnote library. If you type a new footnote, you can add it to the library for use in future forms.

To add a footnote:

  1. Find the form to which you want to add a footnote and open it for editing.

  2. Mouse over the cell in the form with which you want to associate the footnote, and then click the green plus icon that appears. image alt text

  3. In the Add Footnote wizard, choose one of the following:

    • Type new footnote text image alt text

    • Choose an existing footnote from your library. When you select this option, a list of your footnotes will be listed at the bottom of the window. image alt text

    • Select a footnote from those already used in the form. When you select this option, you will see a list of footnotes already used on this form. image alt text

  4. Click Add Footnote. On Step 2, if you typed a new footnote, decide if you'd like to add this footnote to the library. Then click Finish. You can also drag and drop footnotes which were previously on the form.

Reordering Footnotes

A best practice in filing Section 16 forms is to show the footnotes at the bottom of the form in the order that they appear in the form. As you add transactions and rearrange them, the footnotes in the form automatically change order and are renumbered. This will make sure that your footnotes follow best practices without needing any effort on your part and also means that rearranging your footnotes is as easy as rearranging your transactions.