Adding Filing Notification Emails - Admin

If you need to notify individuals when you perform filings, whether for approval or as part of your filing process, admins can set up email notifications for both live and test filings in Section 16. With independent notification settings, you can notify users of test filings and their results and a different set of users of live filings and their results.

Adding an Email Notification

To grant a user email notifications for filing, access the Admin tab in Section 16 and select the Filing Notification option.

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From here, you can add an email notification by clicking Add Email. You will be prompted to enter an email that will receive the notifications as well as to select the type of filings that will generate notifications for this email. After selecting appropriate notifications, click Save to complete the notification addition.

Modifying a Notification

To change an existing modification, you can click Edit to the right of the notification you'd like to modify. This will bring up the Edit window, allowing you to choose filing notifications and edit the email address. Click Save to commit your changes.

If you'd like to remove a notification completely, you can do so by choosing Delete to the right of the notification you'd like to remove. You will be asked to confirm your decision. Choosing Delete Notification Email will remove the email from your list of notifications.

Adding a Notification When Filing

You can also add a notification for a specific form when filing that form. To do so, choose the Edit Contact Information button and add the emails needed for test filing and live filing. Adding the emails here allows you to limit the notifications to filing activities related to this particular form, whereas adding notifications in admin will notify recipients of all test or live filings.