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After creating your filing, you can submit a test filing to see if there are any SEC errors or warnings. This allows you to resolve any issues before it’s time to submit your live filing.

You can submit EDGAR filings between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except federal holidays). However, a filing submitted after 5:30 PM Eastern Time will be filed with the SEC on the following business day. For more information, see the SEC Filing Deadline and Holiday Calendar.

NOTE: T+3 filings (pursuant to Rule 426(b)) and Section 16 filings will get the date of the actual filing even if filed after 5:30 PM Eastern Time.

Submit a Test Filing

  1. Click Test File on the progress bar if you are not already on the Test File step.

  2. Under New Test File, select how you want to submit the test filing:

    • File with my credentials to use your SEC credentials.
    • File with Workiva credentials submits the filing on your behalf with Workiva as the filing agent. We recommend using your SEC credentials for test filing.
  3. Click Test File to submit the filing.

    Submit a test filing

You can submit multiple test filings to see filing results before submitting the live filing. The last five test filings are listed on the Test Filing step. To see earlier test filings, click an existing test filing to see a full list in the Test Filings Details dialog box.

Depending on the size of your filing, it could take a few minutes complete the test filing. All recipients in the notification list will receive an email from the SEC with details about the test filing status.

NOTE: During busy filing periods, it may take longer to receive status information from the SEC.

Preview a Test Filing

You can view the EDGAR version of the document, as it will appear on the SEC site as a live filing. You'll also see the SEC Notification Message with the status of the test filing a list of errors. The test filing preview shows a list of documents submitted, with the document type, and the descriptions of each that you entered in the Label step.

To preview the test filing, open the test filing and click View Test Filing.

Preview a test filing

When reviewing the accepted test filing details, look for the following:

  • Make sure the document and their descriptions match
  • Make sure the description and type match
  • Look for duplicate exhibits
  • Make sure document file names are correct

    What to look for in your filing

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