Download Filing Documents

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Download filing documents to have a local backed-up copy for your own records.

Why Download Filing Documents

We recommend downloading a copy of your filing documents to a secure location as a backup copy. You can use the downloaded version of documents in the unlikely event that you need to file through the SEC website. If this happens, your CSM can guide you through the process.

Download Filing Documents

After generating all the necessary files for your filing and completing all the Filing steps in Wdesk, you can download your filing as a ZIP file. The ZIP file includes all generated EDGAR and XBRL files as well as any images or PDFs you may have included.

To download filing documents:

  1. Make sure you’ve completed all Filing steps and successfully test filed.

  2. Click the file cabinet menu next to the name of your filing at the top of Wdesk.

  3. Select Download Filing Documents. A new tab opens with additional information.

  4. Click Download Filing Documents in the new tab. Wdesk creates a ZIP file of your filing documents and downloads it to your default download location.

    Download filing documents