Collect and Label Filing Documents

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After you start the filing, continue by collecting and labeling your filing documents.

Collect and Label Overview

Here is an overview of collecting and labeling source documents:

Collect Documents

When you add source documents to your filing, Wdesk automatically generates the necessary EDGAR documents, which includes the XBRL.

Add documents to your filing:

  1. Click Add Source Documents and select files. As you add documents to your filing, Wdesk automatically includes the XBRL and generates the necessary EDGAR files for your filing.

    If the document you add has more than one XBRL profile, select the one that has the XBRL you want to file. Select XBRL profile

  2. To view and manage files:

    • Click the source document to show the list of its generated files.
    • To see the EDGAR version of a source document, click the generated .htm file for that source document.
    • To open a source document in Wdesk from the Collect step, click the drop-down menu on the right and select Open Document.
    • To remove a source document, click the drop-down men on the right and select Remove Document.

    Manage documents in a filing

Label Documents

Use the Label step to set filing types, enter exhibit extensions, and provide descriptions for your filing documents.

  1. Select and enter the necessary information:

    • Filing type: Select the filing type. Type the name of the filing type in the Search field to narrow the results.
    • Exhibit extension: Enter the number extension for the exhibit section. For example, when the filing includes EX-31, enter 1 for EX-31.1.
    • Description (optional): Enter a description for the document. This is helpful for exhibit documents.
  2. Click Next to continue.

    Label documents in a filing

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