SEC Image Requirements

next generation

Before filing with the SEC, make sure image files in your filing documents meet SEC requirements and restrictions.

If you’re looking for more details, including recommendations for optimizing the image file size, take a look at the latest version of the EDGAR Filer Manual.

Image File Type Requirements

The SEC requires the use of specific file types for images and how you reference them.

  • Make sure all images you need are added directly into the document.

  • Only .gif and .jpg file formats are supported. The EDGAR Filer Manual states, "EDGAR will suspend any submission that contains a non-GIF/JPG reference."

Image Filename Requirements

The SEC requires image filenames to follow the rules listed below. Wdesk next generation Filing will automatically correct image filenames in your filing if they do not meet these requirements.

For example, the filename AB_2021--Q3.png will be corrected to AB_2021-XQ3.png.

However, it will be helpful to you if the filenames already meet these requirements.

Image filenames:

  • Must use all lowercase characters.

  • Must start with a letter (a-z).

  • Can contain numbers (0–9).

  • Can contain one each of a period (.) hyphen (-) or underscore (_) character.

  • Cannot be more than 32 characters.

  • Cannot include spaces.

Yes No
q3-image12.gif Q3--image-12.png
abc_2021q3-image10.jpg AB_2021-Q3_image-10.png