XBRL Office Hours

Office Hours are complimentary hour-long presentations hosted by Wdesk XBRL experts. They are designed to bring helpful tips relevant to each phase of the filing cycle and to continue learning opportunities for the XBRL preparers on your teams. Our experts explore XBRL from many different angles:

  • Reviewing XBRL
  • Calculation assertions
  • Mapping & modeling examples
  • Taxonomy updates
  • and more!

The presentation slides for the Office Hour sessions can be found below. If you are interested in watching the webinars, visit the Workiva Community.

Office Hour Slides Date
How to Maintain and Update an 8-K 08/23/19
2019 US GAAP Taxonomy Updates 06/30/19
Implementing and Reviewing iXBRL 01/31/19
2018 US GAAP Taxonomy Updates 06/07/18
XBRL Tips and Tricks: XBRL Review 03/06/18
Getting The Most From Wdesk XBRL Reports 01/25/18
Tagging Revenue from Contracts with Customers 01/18/18
Fundamental XBRL Element Selection 12/07/17
Maintaining XBRL from Quarter to Quarter 09/07/17
2017 US GAAP Taxonomy Updates 06/08/17
Common XBRL Mistakes Impacting Data Quality 03/01/17
A Fresh Perspective On Calculation Relationships 12/09/16
Understanding and Resolving XBRL Validation Messages 09/01/16
Build Something Amazing: The XBRL Outline 03/17/16
Best Practices: Getting Your XBRL Fact Properties Correct 12/17/15