Organizing Slides and Groups

One of the major benefits of organizing your slides into groups is that you can assign permissions to groups for collaborative work.

Dragging Slides and Groups

To drag slides and groups, select the slide or group and hold the left mouse button while dragging to the location where you'd like to move the slide. The blue line indicates where the slide will be dropped. Release the slide to place it.

image alt text

You can also drag slides from multiple groups into another group. When slides are selected from different groups and dragged to a new location, they will be displayed in the new location in the relative order they existed in within the outline prior to the move.

The easiest way to drag and drop a group is to collapse your groups, select a group as indicated by the blue fonts, and then drag in the outline to the desired location.

Changing the Order of Slides

To move slides and groups to change the order of slides in your presentation, click on a slide to select it, and then click the Move Up or Move Down icons at the top of the Presentation outline panel.

image alt text

Groups can be rearranged in the same way by selecting the title of the group and using the Move Up and Move Down icons.