Inserting Slide Content

After creating your Presentation, you may begin adding content to it. That content may be charts, images, text, or other objects supported by Wdesk.

Inserting Content

Most content is added from the Insert menu, found under the Edit tab. From here you can add text boxes, tables, charts, shapes, page numbers, special characters, and images.

Text, tables, and charts can all be linked to other Wdesk documents. You can also copy and paste charts and tables from other Wdesk documents into a presentation or from a presentation into other Wdesk documents.

Images in Presentations

To insert an image, choose the Image icon from the toolbar and select an image from your computer or company network. The inserted image is embedded in your slide and inherits the permissions for the slide. If the image is moved to a new slide, it will inherit the permissions for that slide.

Prior images that were included as supporting documents in your project can be embedded by inserting them from the toolbar or dragging them from the project panel. You do not need to maintain images as separate files and can delete them from your project.

Once the image is inserted, you can resize the image or rotate by clicking and dragging. The width, size and rotation parameters are indicated in the tooltips that appear as you work with an image.

image alt text

You can also click and drag to another location on your slide. Guide indicators appear to show your distance from the top and left edges. Snap to grid will allow you to place your image exactly. Add borders if desired from the Border Format dropdown in the toolbar. To delete an image, simply select and use Delete on your keyboard.

To use an image as a background on a master layout slide, go to the master layout, right-click and choose Background Options. Now click the Choose an Image button and then Close.

If you right-click, you can go to Image Properties to get detailed information about your image. You also have the option to download an embedded image in a Presentation and save it to your computer. The download button is found in the image properties screen. This is useful when converting images from supporting documents to embedded images or when you need to reference an embedded image to use it elsewhere.

image alt text