Creating Slides and Groups

Creating Slides

When a Presentation is first created, a blank master layout slide and a blank slide will be created. To create additional slides in your Presentation, select an existing slide and choose the Add Slide button at the top of the Presentation outline. Or you can right-click on a slide in the outline and add a new slide using the menu option for Add Slide.

To duplicate an existing slide, right-click the slide, and select Duplicate Slide. This is useful when your new slide only needs minor text changes, but you want to use all graphic and text properties from the original slide.

You can also copy an existing slide using Copy Slide and then Paste Slide. This will allow you to duplicate a slide as well as place the new slide in a specific position in the outline.

NOTE: You can only copy and paste slides within a Wdesk project.

You can also use the drop-down menu to Select a Master Layout. Otherwise, the layout of the new slide will be based on the Master Layout of the previous slide.

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Creating Slide Groups

For a large presentation, you may want to divide slides into topics or themes. To create a group, click the Add a Group button at the top of the outline panel. This will add an empty group below your currently-selected group.

You can rename a group after it has been added by right-clicking the group and selecting Rename from the menu.

To populate a group with slides, either create new slides within the group, or move appropriate slides from other groups. Groups are primarily an organizational tool and will not be shown when presenting your slides.