Creating Flowcharts

Inserting Flowchart Shapes

To begin creating a flowchart, select a slide in Presentations, go to the Edit toolbar and then click Shape and choose Flowchart. The options for flowchart shapes are shown in the drop down menu. As you place a shape, gridlines will appear for accurate alignment. The text cursor is automatically inserted in your chosen shapes so that you can also add text.

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Using Lines with Arrows

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Once you have inserted multiple shapes, you can draw a line with an arrow between them. Go to Shape in the Edit toolbar, then Lines, and then choose an Arrow or Double Arrow. You'll see that the endpoints convert to a blue circle when the arrow and the shape are connected. Once they are connected, you can move the shape and the arrow will remain attached to the shape.

If you want to adjust the line weight, style, or the endpoints, use the options located in the Border Format dropdown.

Using Elbow Connectors

An elbow connector is a specific type of arrow that allows you to depict intricate workflows. To insert an elbow connector, go to Edit > Shape > Line > Elbow Connector. Click on the elbow connector in the drop down menu and then on the first shape in your flowchart that you wish to connect to another shape.

Drag the elbow connector to the second shape. Again, the gridlines that temporarily appear on the slide and the blue dots in key locations on the shapes will help you to place the elbow connector in the desired location. Release your mouse and click away from the shapes to see the placement.

If you’d like to move the elbow connector, hover over the elbow connector until the double arrows appear. Then click and drag the elbow connector to adjust the placement.

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Custom Logos and Shapes

To insert a custom logo or other unique shape, save as a PNG or JPEG file and upload into your project. Click and drag the image file from the project panel to insert the image into your slide.