Blacklines in Presentations

Blacklines let you compare the differences between revisions in presentations.


Creating a Blackline

Create Blackline will allow you to compare any two revisions of the presentation and brings up the Create Blackline wizard.

image alt text

The first blank in the wizard is automatically filled in based on the revision in the list that we used to open the wizard or the current document revision or draft open in Wdesk.

Click and drag the second revision that you wish to compare with the first into the second box in the wizard. The first revision can also be replaced with another one if needed. Next click on Create Blackline.

image alt text

You can see blackline creation progress in the status bar indicator.

Saving or Deleting a Blackline

Once the blackline creation process is completed, the Blacklines tab will open, and you will be able to use the Actions menu for the new blackline to Save As PDF or Delete Blackline.

image alt text

To learn more about the indicators for changes in blacklines, see Blacklines.