Revisions and History in Presentations

The history of a Presentations document can be accessed from the revisions listed in the History panel.

Using the History Panel

To open the History panel, select the history icon in the far left menu. Note that creating a presentation will automatically create a first revision.

Resizing an object

In the open History panel you will see a list of revisions for your presentation. If desired, any content in a previous revision can be copied and pasted into any current presentation, allowing you to re-use historical content.

To see the author of a specific revision, single-click the history card. The name will appear and you will also see a small swatch with an assigned color. Click the gray area again to collapse.

Resizing an object

Options in the Actions Menu

When you hover over a listing for a particular revision, the entry is highlighted and you can click on the arrow on the right to access the Actions drop-down menu.

Here you will see the following options:

Mark as Milestone will add a yellow star to the history card. You can add any remarks you wish. Milestones are used to mark a notable revision for quick reference in the future. Marking a milestone allows you to name that revision and leave remarks that others can read when locating the milestone in the history panel.
Open will open the revision in a new tab.
Export as PDF will export that revision of the entire presentation, allowing you to review the revision or send historical versions of the presentation to stakeholders or auditors.

You can also use the filter drop-down in the History panel to filter by milestones, time period, or author.

Resizing an object