Permissions and Collaboration in Presentations

Permissions determine the level of access for collaborators and groups. Owners can determines the access for collaborators. Generally, Presentations permissions are set early in the process of Presentations development, but they can be changed at any point.

Setting Permissions for Presentations

To access Permissions in Presentations, select the File tab and then select Permissions from the menu.

Resizing an object

You’ll have options for the Presentation, Current Slide and the Advanced Permissions editor. The first two options will open the permissions dialog box.

To find a collaborator or group, enter their name in the search field. Select the radio button for the desired permission level for a collaborator or group.

Resizing an object

There are three permission levels that can be assigned to collaborators:

  • Owner: Has full rights to the Presentation and can manage permissions.
  • Editor: Can make changes to the Presentation.
  • Viewer: Can view a Presentation but not make any changes.

TIP: You can use the Filter button in the upper right corner of the Permissions editor to view collaborators by role.

To remove a collaborator or group, hover over the collaborator or group and click the X to the right of the permissions.

Resizing an object

If you choose the Advanced Permissions editor, a permissions matrix will open in a separate tab. All of the slides in your Presentation are listed on the left. Click on the appropriate squares to set permissions levels.

Resizing an object

You can also manage Presentations permissions in Wdesk Home. To learn how, read the article Managing Permissions in Home.

Individual Slide Permissions

You can also manage permissions for individual slides. Select the slide you want to set permissions for in the Document Outline panel. Right click on the slide name and choose Permissions from the menu.

Resizing an object

Setting permissions for individual slides functions the same way as permissions for the entire Presentations document. To remove a collaborator or group from a slide, hover over the collaborator or group and click the X to the right of the permissions.

Removing Slide Permissions

If you remove an individual who is an Owner or an Editor from one or more specific slides, they will see a grayed out title in Italics for those slides in the outline panel and a message indicating that the slide has been excluded.

Resizing an object

If the user is a Viewer, the message in the slide will indicate that there is no data to display.

In the Permissions interface for a specific slide, the name of the user whose permissions have been removed will show with a strikeout and a blue asterisk.

Resizing an object