Comments in Presentations

Comments can be added to text and objects in Presentations.

Adding a Comment

With your presentation open in Wdesk, select some text or an object to comment on, and then right click to select the Add Comment icon. This will open the Comments panel to the right, and here you can enter your text in the New Comment field.

Resizing an object

Managing Comments

Working in collaboration with your team, you can reply, edit, move and resolve comments in Presentations. The owner of a Presentation can also delete comments. Click the black arrow next the author’s name and select the appropriate option from the drop down menu.You can edit the comment or reply in the text field.

Resizing an object

Filtering Comments

Comments can be filtered in a number of ways. Click on the blue Filter icon in the Comment panel and select how you want to filter your comment. Use the slider at the top of the Comment panel to Show my @mentions only.

You can filter by Status, Updated, Author and Content. Status includes both Open and Resolved comments. Disconnected comments are grouped with Resolved comments. The Updated options allow you to pinpoint an exact time period using the calendar feature. Filters can be applied and cleared as needed.

Resizing an object

Navigating Comments

When comments have been added to a Presentation, the comments will be noted next to a slide with a gray icon. When you hover over the icon, a tooltip shows how many comments the slide has.

Resizing an object

To move through the comments in a slide, use the black up and down arrows at the top of the Comments panel on the right. To see the slide location for a comment, click the blue Jump to Location icon.

Resizing an object