Using Tables in Presentations

Inserting Tables in Presentations

To insert a table into your Presentation, click the Table icon on the Edit tab. A table with five columns and ten rows will be inserted. Once you've inserted a table, you can move the table anywhere on the slide by clicking and dragging.

Resizing an object

When you select the table, you’ll see the appropriate tools appearing in the Edit tab. Selecting the table will also activate the row and column indicators. You can add or remove columns and rows to adjust the size of your table. You can also click and drag on the borders between columns and rows to resize.

Resizing an object

To adjust the Table Defaults including Entered In, Shown In, Formulas and Decimals, click the Properties icon in the File menu. Then click the Table Formats tab and make adjustments as needed.

Formatting Cell Properties

You can merge cells in a Wdesk table, by selecting the cells you wish to merge. Then right click on the cells and select the Merge Cells icon.

To split a cell or range of cells in a table into multiple cells, select the cell(s) you wish to split. Click the Merge icon and choose Unmerge Selection from the drop-down menu.

Locking selected cells prevents changes to data, including changes to the formatting. Only a document owner can lock or unlock cells. Locking only a destination cell will still allow for the value of that cell to be changed at the source.

To open the Formats panel, right click on the table and select Cell Properties. Here you can see several options for modifying cell contents:

  • Row Fill Colors
  • Value Formatting
  • Currency Option
  • Other Advanced Options

Resizing an object

Copying a Table in Presentations

To copy a table from one slide to another, click on the table to select and then click the upper left-hand corner cell.

Resizing an object

Next right-click on the table and choose Copy or use Ctrl+C on your keyboard. Move your cursor to the slide for the new table and use Ctrl+V to paste.

NOTE: You can also copy an existing table from a Wdesk document and paste it into a blank Presentations table. To do this, you must first insert the blank table from the Presentations Edit tab.

To delete a table, click and drag over the table to select and press Delete on your keyboard.