Slide Numbers in Presentations

You can add sequential numbers to your slides to help you order them during a presentation.

Inserting Page Numbers

You can add page numbers to a master slide if you want the page numbers to appear on all the slides that are based on that master. First go to the View tab in the toolbar and click the Masters icon.

Resizing an object

From the left outline panel select the Slide Master where you want to insert you page numbers, and then right click on the name of the master and select Properties. This opens the Master Properties panel on the right.

Resizing an object

Under the Numbering section you can click the Insert Slide Number button. This will insert a text box with a default page number on the master slide. You can move the text box with the number to a desired location on the slide.

Formatting Page Numbers

Once you have determined the desired positioning of your page numbers, you can format the number using the options Edit toolbar to select font type, font size, color, bold, italics, etc.

You can also add prefix and suffix text to the slide number. Just double click in text box before or after the page number, and type in your prefix and/or suffix.

Resizing an object

To return to the regular slide view, click Exit Masters in the upper left of the toolbar.

To make additional adjustments to the numeric organization of your slides, right click on a slide and then choose Properties. Under the Numbering section in the slide properties panel you can select one of the following options:

  • Continue the number from previous keeps the numbering for selected slide in continuous order from the previous slide.
  • Restart slide numbering will start your numbering for the selected slide at the number you choose.

Resizing an object

If you have several slides that are based on a different masters, you can also insert page numbers directly on each slide from the Slide Properties panel.

Deleting Page Numbers

To delete page numbers from a Presentation, go to the View tab in the toolbar and click the Master icon. Choose the Slide Master and select the page number.

Resizing an object

When you delete the number from the Master, this will remove the page number from all the slides that are based on that master.

Any slide numbers that are not based on a master can be deleted in regular slide view.