Formatting Slide Content

Once you have content in your slides, you can format them for a more visually dynamic presentation.

Formatting Different Content Types

When you select an object, valid formatting options will show on the Edit tab. If you select a text box, you’ll see all of the options for formatting text in the toolbar. You can select multiple text boxes to format the text for all of them simultaneously.

If you select a table, then you can see the formatting options that appear in the toolbar. Other options appear when you select shapes, lines, charts or images.

Resizing an object

Objects can be resized or rotated by clicking and dragging on the handles that appear when the object is selected. You can also right-click objects and select properties to access object-specific formatting options, such as chart properties or table cell properties. To delete slide content, select the edge of the object you’re editing and click delete or backspace.

Slide Size, Orientation and Default Settings

Slide size and orientation can be changed as needed under the Properties icon in the File menu. Click Presentation Properties to open the dialog box. You’ll have access to the General, Slide Formats and Table Formats tabs. You can change the name of the Presentation under the General tab as well as the Language and Formats.

Under Slide Formats, you can change the slide size by using the drop down or setting a custom size. You can also click on the Edit icon in the Document Style Guide section to access the Style Guide Editor. For more information about creating or editing a style, see Using Style Guides.

Resizing an object

Under the Table Formats tab, you can adjust the Table Defaults including Entered In, Shown In, Formulas and Decimals defaults. Click Close when you have set your Presentation Properties.

If you go back to the Properties icon and choose Slide Properties, a panel will open on the right. The Slide Properties panel allows you to work with a number of formatting options for individual slides including changing the Slide Master, setting a color or image as a Background, and controlling slide Numbering.

Resizing an object

Arranging Objects in Layers

Objects can be layered as needed using the Arrange icon in the Edit toolbar. You can also arrange content from front to back using the options in the right-click menu.

Resizing an object

Resizing an object

Aligning Slide Content

Content can be grouped and aligned as needed utilizing the Alignment Icon in the Edit Menu. Select the desired objects and then click the icon to see the various alignment options.

Resizing an object

As you move and size shapes, equidistant snapping and grid lines will also help you to size and place your shapes consistently.