Using Master Layouts

You can create multiple master layouts, and switch between them at any point in a Presentation. If you change any elements in a master layout, all slides based on that master are updated.

Creating a Master Layout

In the View toolbar, click Master to view and edit master layouts. Click the Add Layout button to create a new master layout. The new master will appear in the outline with a generic name, which you can change by right clicking the master. You can now edit the master, adding text, graphics, colors, and formatting. You can delete a master layout by right clicking and choosing Delete.

The Edit toolbar

You may wish to create multiple layouts for introductions, informational slides and conclusions, or simply to vary the look of the content at key points.

Using a Master Layout

After you’ve created a master layout, you can apply it to existing slides or choose to use it when creating a new slide by clicking the dropdown on the Add Slide button. You can change the master used on a slide from that slide’s properties in the right panel.

The Edit toolbar