Setting Up Presentations

Presentations allow you to consolidate the content from documents and the data from spreadsheets and present them to an audience as formatted slides.

Creating a Presentation from Home

If you have an existing presentation, go to Files and then All Files or Recent Files and double-click to open. Or you can create a new Presentation from Home by clicking Create, then selecting Presentation.

The Edit toolbar

To learn how to create master layouts to build your Presentation, see Using Master Layouts.

Importing an Existing PowerPoint

To import a PowerPointâ„¢ document, open a next-generation Presentation (this file will not be affected by the import), then click Import on the File toolbar, and select the desired PowerPointâ„¢ file. Opening a next generation Presentation first will ensure that the PPTX file you are importing will import as a Next Gen document.

Slide properties

Once the file has been imported into Wdesk, you are ready to review the slides and start editing your content.

NOTE: If you import a PowerPointâ„¢ document from the Create menu in Home, or import from the classic Wdesk editor, this will create a classic rather than a next generation Presentation from the imported file.

Moving and Organizing Slides

Slides can be moved around and placed in nested groups as you develop your presentation. A slide can clicked and dragged to drop into a new location in the outline.

You can also create nested groups by using the Demote or Promote icons in the outline panel, or by right-clicking a slide and selecting Demote or Promote from the drop down menu.

Slide properties

One or more slides can be clicked and dragged from one nested set of slides into another nested set of slides. When a multiple slides are selected from different nested groups and dragged to a new location, they will be displayed in the new location in the relative order they existed in the outline prior to the move.

The easiest way to drag and drop an entire set of nested slides is to collapse the set and then drag it in the outline to the desired location. Individual slides and nested sets of slides can also be rearranged by using the Move Up and Move Down icons.

Hiding Slides

If you would like to hide a slide, right-click on the title of the slide and choose Hide. The title of the slide will now appear in italics and the Hide icon will appear to the left of the slide title.

You can also hide multiple slides by selecting a slide, using SHIFT on your keyboard and selecting a range of slides.

To show one or more slides that have been hidden, select them again, right-click and choose Show.

Slide properties

Hiding slides will prevent a slide from being show during:

  • PDF Export
  • Present Mode

When exported to .PPTX, hidden slides will also be marked as hidden in Powerpoint.

Adding, Duplicating and Copying Slides

You can create a new slide using the Add Slide icon at the top of the Presentations outline panel. This will create a new slide based on the current master layout. If you have multiple master layouts, you can choose the desired master layout using the drop-down arrow to the right of the Add Slide icon.

You can also change the master by using the Slide Properties panel. Open the Slide Properties panel by right-clicking the slide title in the outline panel and select Properties or by using the double-arrows on the right-hand side of your screen to open the Slide Properties panel. Then use the drop-down options in the panel to select an alternative master layout.

Slide properties

To duplicate an existing slide, right-click the slide, and select Duplicate. This is useful when your new slide only needs minor text changes, but you want to use most or all of the graphic and text properties from the original slide.

You can also copy an existing slide using Copy and then Paste. This will allow you to duplicate a slide as well as place the new slide in a specific position in the outline.

You can copy and paste slides between any next-generation presentation in a single workspace.