Presentation Templates

There are several ways to create and save compelling templates in Presentations. You will be able to import and utilize pre-approved templates that your company has designed. This saves time and keeps your presentations up-to-date with your company’s branding guidelines.

Presentations from Templates

You can create a Presentation from any template that you have permission to use. In fact, the only templates that will appear in the dropdown are the ones for which you have permissions. To get started:

Click Create from Wdesk Home.
Select Presentation > Presentation from Template.

New Presentation from Template

Then choose the template you wish to use from the templates list and click Create.

Choose Template

Template Changes

Creating a New Template

To create a template from an existing presentation, open the presentation that you want to save as a template, and follow these steps:

Select File from the main menu.
Next click Save As > Template.
Name your presentation and click Create.

This will create a copy of your presentation as a new Template file type (designated by the black Presentations icon with the dashed edges), and will be displayed in your list of available templates in Home. To give others the ability to create presentations from a template that you created, make sure to give them permissions to the template file.

Create Presentation

Anyone with access to the template will have the ability to create new presentations using that template. Remember to set permissions on your template so that intended access is given.

Converting a PowerPoint™ to a Template

If your company has an existing PowerPoint™ presentation that you want to import into Wdesk, you can also use this as the basis for creating a new Presentations template.


To start this process in Presentations:

Go to the File tab and click Import.
Choose your PowerPoint file.
Select Open.

Import Powerpoint

When you first see the presentation in Wdesk, the slides will be listed in numeric order without the specific slide titles. As you click through the slides, you’ll see that all of the original content is available including layout, graphics, charts, tables, colors and text boxes.

To save this as a temple:

Go to the File tab.
Click Save As and select Template.
Name your template in the dialog box.
Click Create.

Save as Template

As noted above, a copy of your presentation as a new Template file type will be displayed in the list of available templates in Home.