Introduction to Presentations

Many organizations depend on slide-based presentations for key communication, both internally and externally. With Wdesk Presentations, you get all the advantages of an eye-catching visual presentation combined with the power of collaboration, control, data linking, and roll forward.

Presentations collaboration features allow you to work with your team in the same slide deck at the same time. Use permissions to control designs in your master layouts or to maintain completed work while allowing other slides and groups to be edited as needed.

For consistency and simultaneous updates in every location where your data appears, you can link data directly into your slides from a spreadsheet. You can then reuse your presentation and the linked data to roll forward and maintain ongoing accuracy, including copying slides between presentations. For easy tracking and auditing for your final report each period, create a milestone in the history panel.

Once you’ve designed a presentation, save your file as a template to use as the basis for future presentations. Or import an existing PowerPoint™ presentation and save as a template in Wdesk. Templates will save time and reflect a consistent look based on your company’s branding guidelines.