Creating and Importing Presentations

Presentations allow you to consolidate the content from documents and the data from spreadsheets and present them to an audience as formatted slides.

Creating a Presentation

If you have an existing presentation, go to Files and then All Files or Recent Files and double-click to open. Or you can create a new Presentation from Home by clicking Create, then selecting Presentation.

The Edit toolbar

To learn how to create master layouts to build your Presentation, see Using Master Layouts.

Importing an Existing PowerPoint

To import a PowerPointâ„¢ document, open a next-generation Presentation (this file will not be affected by the import), then click Import on the File toolbar, and select the desired PowerPointâ„¢ file. Opening a next generation Presentation first will ensure that the PPTX file you are importing will import as a Next Gen document.

Slide properties

Once the file has been imported into Wdesk, you are ready to review the slides and start editing your content.

NOTE: If you import a PowerPointâ„¢ document from the Create menu in Home, or import from the classic Wdesk editor, this will create a classic rather than a next generation Presentation from the imported file.