Adding Content to a Slide

Once you have created a presentation and associated slides, you can add slide content including text, tables, images, charts, shapes and lines.

To learn more about modifying shapes and lines see Modifying Shapes in Presentations.

Inserting Slide Content

To add content to your slide, select the Edit tab. From here you can add text boxes, tables, images, charts, shapes and lines. When you add shapes, you can add connector lines between them using the Lines and Connectors in the Shape drop-down menu. The connected lines will move with your shapes if you change the position or placement of shapes.

You can also copy and paste charts and tables from other Wdesk documents into a presentation or from a presentation into other Wdesk documents. In addition, slides can be copied from one Presentation to another.

The Edit toolbar

Images for Slides

To insert one or more images, click the Image button on the Edit toolbar and select needed images from your computer. You can also drag one or more images directly from any location on your computer onto a slide.

You can also rotate images and resize them as needed by clicking and dragging. To add borders and fills, use the icons in the Edit toolbar.

To layer multiple images, use the Arrange icon. Images can be brought to the front or sent to the back as needed.

Slide properties

To delete an image, select it and press Delete on your keyboard.

Backgrounds for Slides

To use an image as a background, click the gear icon in the right panel to open Slide Properties. In the Background section, click Upload Image to choose an image from your computer to use as the background. To remove a background image, use Reset to Layout in Slide Properties.

Slide properties

To set a background color for a slide, go to the Slide Properties panel and click on the Color icon. Choose a color from the palette or add a hex number for a custom color. You can remove a color by choosing the blank tile in the upper right. Custom colors are saved for reuse and added to the tiles at the bottom of the palette.

Slide properties