Manage Password Settings

This article is for:

  • Organization Security Admins

Basics of Managing Password Settings

As an organization security admin, you can help ensure the security of users by managing password requirements. Set password requirements and expirations to ensure users create strong passwords. To configure password settings, you need to be an organization security admin.

Go to Organization Admin > Security > Authentication to access password settings.

Password Settings

Changing Password Settings

By default, changes to password settings only take effect going forward and do not impact existing passwords. When you change password settings, you have the option to reset all passwords. This will prompt users to set a new password the next time they sign in.

Password Changes

Set Password Requirements

You can set password requirements to ensure users in your organization create strong passwords. To update a setting, make a selection and then click Save Changes.

  • Require both uppercase & lowercase letters: Check to require that passwords include both uppercase and lowercase letters.

  • Min password length (characters): Enter the minimum required length for passwords for your organization.

  • Max password changes per day: Set the maximum number of times a user can change their password in a day.

Password Requirements

Set Password Expiration

To help manage users passwords, you can set when passwords expire and how a password can be reused. This ensures users are required to update their password on a regular basis.

  • Require passwords to expire: Check the box to set passwords to expire for users in your organization.

  • Users’ passwords expire after (days): If passwords are required to expire, enter the number of days that a password expires.

  • Admin’s passwords expire after (days): Enter the number of days that a password expires for admins in your organization.

  • Number of unique passwords before a password can be reused: Enter the number of unique passwords a user has to set before they can repeat using the same password.

Password Expiration