Viewing Organization Activities

This article is for:

  • Organization User Admins
  • Organization Security Admins

Overview of Activities

Activities provide a list of actions performed in the organization. You can review actions performed in your organization, from users logging in to administrators modifying settings. Activities are arranged with the most recent actions at the top and the oldest at the bottom.

You'll only see activities based on your role. For example, an organization user admin won't see activities related to security setting changes made by an organization security admin.

View Activities

When viewing activities, you can filter by date. Select both a start and end date to see activities for a specific date range.

To view activities for your organization:

Click your name in the bottom left to open the menu.
Click Organization Admin.
Click Activities. View Activities

By default, you’ll see the first 100 activities and can scroll down to load more activities. Scroll to the right to see additional activity details, such as time and IP address.

Export Activities

You can export activities to a CSV if you need to do additional filtering or share activity data.

To export organization activities:

From Activities, click Export.
Enter both a start and end date.
If needed, set a username or activity filters to narrow your export.
Click Export. Export Activities