Working with Organization Settings

An organization acts as the umbrella over all workspaces in your company. At the organization level, you can manage all users and workspaces in one central location. Organization Admins can manage users and apply settings that are enforced across all workspaces.


Accessing Organization Admin

NOTE: To access organization settings, you need to be an organization user admin or organization security admin.

To go to organization admin:

Click your name in the bottom left to open the menu.
Select Organization Admin from the menu. Orgnization Admin
A new browser window or tab will open with Organization Admin.

Organization Admin Areas

Within organization admin, there are several different settings. Here’s a list of what settings are available in organization admin:

  • Overview contains the name of your organization and a summary of licenses.

  • People lists all users in the organization and where you can add, update, and remove users.

  • Security is where Organization Security Admins can manage authentication, access restrictions, and single sign-on settings.

  • Activities is where admins can review actions performed in your organization, from users logging in to administrators modifying settings.

  • Workspaces is where you can access all workspaces and perform the same actions as a workspace admin, such as adding members or setting a workspace solution.

To learn more about organization user and security admins, see Organization Roles.

Admin Areas