Adding Users

This article is for:

  • Organization User Admins

Basics of Adding Users

Organization Admins can add and manage users in an organization. When adding a new user, you can use an email address as the username or set a unique value. Usernames cannot include spaces or capital letters.

What you need:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address

Adding a User

To add a user to your organization:

Click your name in the bottom left, then select Organization Admin.
Click People.
Click Invite. Click Invite
Enter the new user’s information, then select options for any needed roles or licenses. Enter Details
Click Save or Save and Add Another to continue adding more users.

After you've added users, you can then add them to workspaces in your organization. To learn more, see Inviting Members to a Workspace.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are sent to new users when they are invited to their first workspace. They contain sign-in details and a temporary password that expires after 5 days. After signing in for the first time, users are required to enter a new password.

If needed, you can resend a welcome email to provide a new temporary password. To resend a welcome email:

In Organization Admin, click People.
Find the user and check the box next to them.
Click Welcome in the toolbar. Click Welcome
Click Send Email to finish. Send Email

Here are examples of what welcome and workspace invitation emails look like.

Welcome Email

Send Email

Workspace Invitation Email

Send Email