Wdesk Mobile Overview for Android

NOTE: This article covers Wdesk Mobile for Android users.

If you need to view or comment on Wdesk documents while away from your computer, you can do so using the Wdesk Mobile application. This application allows you to view and comment on your Wdesk files and manage tasks from a compatible Android or iOS device.

Find the Android version in the Google Play store, or the Apple version (iPhone 4 or newer, or an iPad) in the Apple app store.

Wdesk Mobile is not currently compatible with Windows phones or Blackberries.

You will need to do an initial login and password on your device using your Wdesk credentials or Single Sign-On (SSO). In addition, you must set a security passcode on your mobile device that will allow for easy access with a four-digit code.

You can view Certification documents using a browser on your mobile device.

Viewing Documents

After logging in to the Wdesk app, you will see your documents. The All Files folder on the left-hand side contains all of your files, and the Recent folder contains recently accessed files.

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If you have a list of documents, you can use the Search box in the upper right-hand corner to narrow down your list.

To open a document, tap its name. Larger documents may take longer to open.

Once in a document, you can open the outline panel by tapping the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner. Tap on individual document sections to quickly navigate through your document.

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You can further navigate a document by swiping your finger up or down through its pages and sections. Pinch your fingers to zoom out or slide your fingers apart to zoom in.

To rename or delete a document or folder, you can swipe its name to the left, and select either the Rename or Delete icon.

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You can comment on a document by tapping and holding on the location you'd like to place a comment, then entering text in the box that appears at the right. A blue connector line will attach your comment to the comment pane.

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Comments can be moved by touching and holding the comment icon, then dragging the icon to the desired location. The comment icon will change to a plus symbol while being moved.

To delete or resolve a comment, tap the Options menu on the comment and select Delete or Resolve.

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To display a list of comments for the current page, select the Comment icon in the upper right-hand corner of the document.

You can filter comments by tapping the Filter icon in the Comments menu. Comments can be filtered by Status, Time Period, and Author.

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You can also use the Previous and Next buttons to move through comments.

Workbook comments are very similar to document comments, but are tied to individual cells. Tap on a cell to make a comment on it. A blue outline triangle will indicate in the workbook which cells have comments.

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Directed Commenting and Notifications

Directed commenting allows you to direct a comment to a specific user and have them receive a notification. When adding a comment, you can @ mention other users with permissions to the account.

TIP: The tag @here is a special tag which notifies all users in a comment thread.

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The @ mention tags the user in the comment and sends a notification to the user upon posting. The mentioned user shows as bolded text within the comment once posted.

You can @ mention any groups that are set up within your organization within Wdesk, and the whole group will be notified. The groups will notify everyone in the group, so make sure a comment is appropriate to all within a group.

It is important to remember that groups are derived from permission settings. You may want to review the members of a particular group prior to using an @ mention targeted to a group.

When you are mentioned, you will receive a notification in your Wdesk Mobile Inbox.

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Tapping on the Inbox icon takes you to your notifications, where you can tap on individual notifications and go the mention in the file. You can also tap the Options menu, where you can Refresh and organize your Inbox.

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You can also change the way you receive notifications. To change the settings, tap the Settings icon in the lower left hand corner, then tap on Notification Settings.

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The Notification Settings panel displays. From here you can turn on or off notifications for Direct Comments, Review Requests, and Binder Notifications.

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You can also tap Tasks to access settings for which tasks you receive notifications for.


You can view and complete tasks in Wdesk Mobile by tapping on the Tasks icon.

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At the top of Tasks list you can toggle back and forth between viewing My Tasks (tasks assigned to you) and My Created (tasks you've created). Tapping on a task will open it in the viewer, and you can tap a link to the document associated with the task from there to open the document, or tap Mark complete to close the task.

For more on tasks in Wdesk, read the article Creating and Assigning Tasks.

Ending a Session

You can end a Wdesk Mobile session by either pressing the Home button on your device and leaving the app entirely, or by tapping the Options menu in the upper right-hand corner while in a document and selecting Lock App. Type your 4-digit passcode to return to the document.

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