Tasks in Wdesk Mobile for iOS

NOTE: This article covers the iOS version of Wdesk Mobile. Wdesk Mobile currently runs on iOS versions 9 and 10.

You can create tasks in Wdesk, and manage them using Wdesk Mobile. For more information on how tasks are created and work across the Wdesk platform, read the article Creating and Assigning Tasks.

Working with Tasks

You can view and complete tasks in Wdesk Mobile by tapping on the Tasks icon.

image alt text

At the top of Tasks list you can toggle back and forth between viewing My Tasks (tasks assigned to you) and My Created (tasks you've created).

image alt text

Menu Options

Tapping on the options menu to the right of the task name will display options available for managing the task.

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From here, your choices are:

  • Complete Task: This will move a task to the Completed category and draw a strikethrough line through it.

  • Remind: Tapping this will send a reminder notification to the assignee of the task.

  • Edit/Reassign Task: Tapping this option opens an Edit Task page. From here, you can change the Task Title, Assignee, Due Date, or Details of the task.

  • Delete Task: Deletes the task.

You can also tap on a task name in the Task Center, and from there choose to complete the task or view the document the task is associated with.

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