Using Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are a useful tool to provide a path to resources outside Wdesk or to allow quick navigation of a document, such as through a table of contents.

Creating Hyperlinks

To create a hyperlink:

Highlight the text where you'd like to insert a hyperlink, and right-click the text.
In the context menu, choose Insert Hyperlink.

Create Hyperlink window

In the Create Hyperlink window, adjust the details of your hyperlink, such as the text you wish to display and the hyperlink target. You can enter an external url or link to another section of the current document.
Click Create to save your changes and insert the hyperlink.

Editing and Removing Hyperlinks

You can edit or remove an existing hyperlink by right-clicking the hyperlink and choosing the desired option from the Hyperlink menu.

Edit and Remove in the Hyperlink menu

You can also edit or remove a link from the hyperlink indicator. Click the link to view the hyperlink options.

Viewing the Hyperlink Indicator

Choosing Edit opens the Create Hyperlink window for the selected link, where you can change the link's details.

Selecting Remove deletes only the hyperlink while leaving the underlying text behind, turning the hyperlink into plain text.