Creating Multiple Links Inside a Cell

You can create links from multiple source spreadsheets or tables to a single table cell in your document, including add XBRL to multiple links in one table cell.

Linking Inside a Cell

To create a link inside a table cell:

Select the numeric data you wish to use as a source and copy it using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C.
Double-click the destination table cell to edit that cell.
Paste the copied data into the destination cell with the shortcut Ctrl+V to create the link. This link will appear in gray until you exit the cell.

A subcell link

You can add text or other information around the new link, or add more links to the same destination cell.

Deleting Links Inside a Cell

If you’d like to delete a single link from a cell with multiple links, double-click the cell to edit that cell, then select the linked content and press delete on your keyboard. Confirm to delete the selected link.

You can delete all links inside a cell by selecting the cell, right clicking, and choosing Remove Links.