Creating Links

Links are a powerful tool for maintaining data integrity. By updating a source, you update all linked destinations.

Creating Links

To create a link, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C to copy a cell or range of cells from a Spreadsheet, Workbook, or table, then paste in the target Spreadsheet, Workbook, or table. After pasting, click the blue clipboard and choose Create Links. Choose the desired option fron the Create Links list, then click Create to finalize your link.

Create Link options

  • Cells with Values - Creates links to selected cells that contain a value.
  • Linked Cells - Creates links to selected cells which already have links.
  • All Cells - Creates links to all selected cells, including blanks cells.

You can create a text link by copying a single cell and pasting into a document, outside of a table. This link can then be included into bodies of text as desired.

What's Next

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