Managing Your Profile

Editing Your Profile

You can access your profile from the menu under your name in Home.

Click My Profile. Select Profile
Click Edit Profile. Select Edit
Enter any changes to your first and last name, email address, and contact information. Profile details
Click Save Changes to finish.

Changing Your Password

To change your password:

While viewing your profile, choose the Change Password button.
Use the dialog box to enter your Old Password, New Password, and then Confirm Password.
Click Save Changes to finish. change password

Note: Password requirements are listed at the top of the dialog box.

Using the My Documents Tab

The My Documents tab displays all of the documents for which you have Owner permissions.

image alt text

You can filter by document name. In the "Filter by document name" search box, type all or part of a file name, and the search feature will display options. (In the example below, typing "2015" displays documents containing "2015" in the document name)

image alt text

To set Advanced Permissions* or to move a document to the trash, use the checkboxes to the left to select the document.Advanced Permissions allow you to adjust permissions for specific sections or the document as a whole. Learn more in Advanced Permissions.

To move a document to the trash, select the checkbox for the appropriate document, choose Move to trash, and confirm.

Move to trash

NOTE: Draft documents will be permanently deleted.