Classic Tabbed Toolbar

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  • Classic File Types

The Tabbed Toolbar dynamically displays and activates controls in Wdesk that are intuitive and context-driven. In a context-driven interface, the choices you make while working in your documents affect what menu items appear and when. Frequently used features are always available, and less frequently used features appear when you need them.

Getting Started

For all menus, you will get slightly different options based on whether you are in a document or a workbook. In addition, all of your favorite keyboard shortcuts are referenced by clicking the Help icon in the upper right-hand corner and then Keyboard Shortcuts.

On the far left of the toolbar you'll see the Share button and the Undo and Redo icons. The Undo and Redo buttons can be used to reverse up to 50 changes in documents and 100 changes in workbooks.

On the bottom of your screen at the far right, you'll see the Zoom option. The Share, Undo, Redo, and Zoom options are standard and accessible from each of the tabs.

File Tab

The File tab is the home for controls related to document management, properties, validation, and permissions/control.

image alt text

This table describes the controls, functions, and contexts for all features under the File tab.

"Doc:" indicates functions available for Documents, and "WB:" indicates functions available for Workbooks.

Control Function Context
Open Open File Manager Always available
Save Save active document Always available
Save As... Save document as PDF/DOCX/XLSX Doc: PDF/DOCX, WB: XLSX
Import Import from Project/Doc, DOCX & SEC Always available
Export Export document/XBRL Always available
Create Create new document/project Always available
Validate Validate document/project/section/document (legacy) Always available
Properties Doc/Section/Link properties Always available (Local/Selection Context)
Control Request control for outline/section Always available
Print Area View selected print area WB only
Doc URL Creates hyperlink for current document to share/link Always available
View Open Trash Can Always available
Discard Discard document changes Always available
Close Close active document Always available

Edit Tab

The Edit tab contains controls related to editing, formatting, and manipulating the contents of a document. It also includes all Insert functionality. You can choose custom colors in the Text and Background Color selector by clicking the Custom Colors option.

image alt text

Control Function Context
Format Format section/paragraph/cells Doc: Section/Paragraph, WB/Table:Cells/Section/Paragraph
Conditions Open conditional formatting menu WB/Table only
Painter Format painter Always available
Styles Select style Doc only
Font Select Select font for selection Always available
Text Size Set text size for selection Always available
Text Color Set text color for selection Always available
Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, Superscript, Subscript Set text style for selection Always available
Text Indent Indent text/cursor left/right Always available
Text Align Set text Left/Right/Center/Justified Doc: Exposed, WB/Table: Dropdown
List Set list style for selection Doc only
Highlight Apply highlight to selection Always available
Fill Color Apply color to selected cell(s) WB/Table only
Cell Align Set cell contents top/mid/bottom WB/Table only
Border Set cell border style WB/Table only
Clear Clear text format/cell contents Doc: Format, WB/Table: Format/cell contents
Hide Hide/Show column(s)/row(s) WB/Table only (Local/Selection Context)
Delete Delete column(s)/row(s)/table WB/Table only (Local/Selection Context)
Merge Merge/Split cells WB/Table only (Local/Selection Context)
Lock Lock/Unlock cells WB/Table only (Local/Selection Context)
SUM Creates a SUM formula WB/Table only (Local/Selection Context)
Insert Inserts rows/columns/symbols/auto text/hyperlinks/images Always available

Data Tab

The Data tab contains controls related to managing and creating document links. It also contains all Data Collection functionality for templates, aggregation, and reporting.

image alt text

Control Function Context
Lock Link Lock/Unlock selected text links Doc only (Local/Selection Context)
Src Link Create source link in selected text Doc only (Local/Selection Context)
Doc Links Show contributing documents/links Always available
Properties Show Link Properties panel Always available
Format Format selected link in text Doc only (Local/Selection Context)
Remove Remove link from selected text Always available

Review Tab

The Review tab contains controls related to the review process such as: generating blacklines, distributing document reviews, tracking/approving document changes, and creating comments. image alt text

Control Function Context
Blackline Create Blackline for active document Always available
Review Create/View Existing doc reviews Doc only
Find Find/Replace within document Always available
Spelling Spell Check document Always available
Track Changes Enable/Disable Track Changes Always available
Approval Accept/Reject tracked changes Always available
Prev/Next Change Cycle through tracked changes Always available
Comments Enable/Disable commenting Always available (Local/Selection Context)
Add Add new comment to selection Always available (Local/Selection Context)
Prev/Next Comment Cycle through comments Always available (Local/Selection Context)
Filter Filter comments displayed Always available (Local/Selection Context)


The XBRL tab contains everything to do with XBRL, from validating documents to detect and tag to sharing your XBRL data with collaborators. This tab will only appear in a document using XBRL.

image alt text

Control Function Context
Enable/Disable Enable/Disable XBRL License Level (Compliance Cloud)
Taxonomy Select/Display Taxonomy Compliance Cloud + XBRL Enabled
Detect Detect & Tag Facts Compliance Cloud + XBRL Enabled
Label Ref. Enable/Disable & Update Labels Compliance Cloud + XBRL Enabled
Locate Where Used? Dates/Concepts/Units Compliance Cloud + XBRL Enabled
Advanced Lock Manager, Delete Section Tags, Import Taxonomy, Remove Disconnected Data Taxonomy Migration Compliance Cloud + XBRL Enabled
Review Enable/Disable Review Mode Compliance Cloud + XBRL Enabled
Concepts Show XBRL Concepts as IDs/Labels Compliance Cloud + XBRL Enabled
Block Tag Create XBRL Text Block Tag Compliance Cloud + XBRL Enabled
Footnote Create XBRL Footnote Compliance Cloud + XBRL Enabled
Validate XBRL Doc Check, Validation, Generation