Select Filing Documents

Project Filing Wizard

This article describes how to use the Select Filing Documents step of the Project Filing Wizard. In this step, you will select which documents you want to include in the filing package. For each document to be filed, you will then select a filing type, enter a description (optional), and finally put the documents in the SEC's recommended order for filing.

Selecting Filing Documents

To start Select Filing Documents in the Filing Wizard:

  1. Ensure you have the project open that you would like to file.

  2. Click on the Filing tab within the project panel.

  3. Click Start next to the Select Filing Documents step.

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The Select Filing Documents dialog box will open. All documents and images included within the project will appear in this dialog box. You may select which of these documents you want to include in the filing by moving the files one by one from the Available box on the left of the Filing box to the right.

To add an item to the Filing Document List:

  1. From the list of Available documents on the right, click the file you wish to add.

  2. If you are looking for a specific type of file, use the filters in the drop-down box to find the following types: All, Generated, Other, Images, PDF, or HTML.

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  3. Click on the right arrow button (pictured below) or the plus sign to the right of the document to move the document over to the Filing box on the right. Or you can simply use the drag-and-drop method.

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Selecting Filing Type

As each document is added to the filing, you will be prompted to associate it with a Filing Type from the drop-down list. If an extension is necessary, this may be typed in. You may also input an optional description. If documents were set up in the Generate EDGAR step of the Filing Wizard, they will automatically appear in the Filing list on the right.

When you're finished, click the Add button.

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By default the Use Type for Description box is checked. The Filing Type of the document added to the filing will automatically become the description when this box is checked. You can click on the check to remove it, and create a custom description.

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You can edit the Filing Type and Description at any time by double-clicking anywhere in the Filing Document row, or by hovering your mouse over the Filing Document and clicking the Pencil icon. Or, if you decide to remove the document from the filing altogether, click on the X.

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Ordering Your Documents

As documents are added to the filing, they will automatically be rendered to conform with the SEC's Suggested Order. If the need should arise, you may override this by selecting the Custom Order option in the upper right-hand corner and then using the up/down arrows or drag and drop method to put the files in any order you choose.

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When each document is correctly associated with the proper filing type and ordered appropriately, click Finish to complete this step in the Project Filing Wizard.If there are EDGARized documents not included in the filing, a message will be displayed.