Preparing Your Filing Submission

This article describes how to use the Prepare Your Filing Submission step of the Filing Wizard. In this part of the wizard, you will complete the steps necessary to package the documents in preparation for filing with the SEC.

Prepare Filing Submission

To begin preparing your filing:

  1. Open the Project Panel.

  2. On the Filing tab, select Prepare Filing Submission from the list of steps.

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  3. Click Start. This opens the Prepare Filing Submission Wizard dialog box where you will complete the steps in the following sections.

Filer Information

Complete the Filer form. The required fields (marked with a red asterisk) changed depending on the filing type you choose.

For more information, see the EDGAR Filing Manual. If needed, consult your Customer Success Manager.

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Advanced Options for Filer Information

Use the following advanced options when needed:

  • Include Co-Registrant Information when your filing has co-registrant information.

  • Request a Return Copy when you want a copy of your filing as it was received by the SEC. You can download copies of your filing from your private EDGAR Filing website for up to seven days.

  • Is a Paper Copy Confirmation is used only when the official filing was previously made on paper. When a Confirming Copy is sent, the file number and value must be entered for non-subject company filings. For subject company filings, a file number must be used.

    NOTE: A confirming copy is not an offical filing.


When you select Include Co-Registrant Information in advanced options on the Filer stpe, enter their information on the Co-Registrants step.

Certain filing forms require you to notify the SEC if they are Emerging Growth Company co-registrants and whether they’ve elected not to use the extended transition period. If you select the option Elected not to use transition period, you will also need to enable the Emerging Growth Company option.

For more information on these options, please refer to the following SEC release: Inflation Adjustments and Other Technical Amendments under Titles I and III of the JOBS Act.

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Form-Specific Information

In this step, enter form-specific for your filing type. This may include period of report, submission type, fiscal year end, or other information depending on the item being submitted.

Attached Documents

Review documents attached to your filing.

  1. Review the documents attached to your filing, which are listed in filing order.

  2. If you need to make changes, click Cancel to exit and return to the previous step to make your changes.


The Notifications step displays a list of email addresses that will be sent a message informing them when the documents have been filed with the SEC.

To add an email address to the notification list:

  1. Enter the address in the text box at the bottom and click Add Recipient.

  2. Click the pencil icon in the Notify On column to select Test, Live, or All filing notifications an email should receive.

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  3. To remove an email address from the notification list, select the address in the list you want to remove and click Remove Selected.

  4. If you do not want to send notifications, select the option Do not send notification e-mails for this filing at the top.

DEI Review

Review Document and Entity Information for your filing.

  1. Review the Document & Entity Information for your filing.
  2. If the information is correct, click The above XBRL DEI dates and values are correct checkbox.
  3. To correct this information, click Cancel and make any necessary changes.
  4. When the information is correct, click Next to proceed.

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The final step of the wizard is the Validation.

  1. Review the project name, submission type, number of attached documents and number of email addresses that will be notified upon filing. Y
  2. Read through any outstanding Validation Warnings. Click the arrow to go to the step with the error to make corrections.

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    You will see a green check mark when all Validation Warnings are resolved. This lets you know the project is complete and ready for test filing.

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  3. Click Finish.