Optional Step - Download Filing Documents

Why Download Your Filing Documents

As an additional precaution and back-up measure as you're preparing to file, it is recommended that you download your filing documents and save them to a secure area of your computer or network. In the unlikely event that you are unable to access your Wdesk account, your CSM can guide you through filing these documents through the SEC's web site.

Downloading Your Filing Documents

Once you've generated EDGAR documents as well as XBRL for your project, you have the option to download a .zip file containing your filing documents. This includes all generated EDGAR and XBRL files as well as any images or PDFs you may have included. If you haven't yet generated EDGAR or XBRL before attempting to download your filing documents, you will be prompted to do so.

To begin, open the Filing tab of your Project pane and click Start next to Download Filing Documents.

image alt text

A prompt will appear to explain the purpose of downloading your filing documents, as well as what types of files will be included. Continue to the download by clicking Continue to Download.

image alt text

A new browser tab will open. You will then be taken to a progress screen, which will display a loading bar while your filing documents are packaged for download.

image alt text

Once your package is ready for download, the progress bar will be replaced by a button labeled Download Filing Documents. Upon clicking, you will either be prompted to choose the download destination or your download will begin automatically based on your browser settings.

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Note: All downloaded files should be managed per your company IT department’s security standards for pre-public information.