Optional Step - Business Wire


If you want to announce a filing or some other important milestone, you may want to submit a press release to Business Wire to announce this event. If you have a current Business Wire account, you can talk to your Customer Success Manager to activate this feature in your Wdesk account.

Step 1: Selecting a Press Release

Open the right-hand Projects panel and confirm you’re in your Current filing project. Click on the Press tab.

NOTE: You will only have this tab if it’s been activated in your Wdesk account.

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In the Select Press Release step, click the right-hand arrow to display the drop-down menu. Select the document you want to use as a press release.

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The Preparing Press Release box appears, showing the progress of your press release. This process may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your document.

Once the press release is prepared, you can preview it by clicking the Preview Press Release button. The preview will open in a separate browser tab.

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Step 2: Adding Credentials and Information

In the Add Credentials/Information step, fill in your Business Wire account information. Once you type your Username, your Business Wire accounts will populate the drop-down box below. Select the appropriate account.

There is an optional box for any special instructions you may have.

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Step 3: Submitting a Press Release to Business Wire

Click the Submit to Business Wire button to send your Press Release.

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The press release is uploaded to the Business Wire portal.

Click the Complete at Businesswire.com button to take you to the Business Wire site for any additional formatting or other customization, and to publish the Press Release to the media when it’s complete.