Generate EDGAR Documents

This article describes how to use the Generate EDGAR Documents step in the Filing Wizard. In this step, the wizard converts your Wdesk documents to the appropriate HTML format in preparation for filing.

Converting Your Documents

The first step of the Filing Wizard converts your Wdesk documents to HTML format. Wdesk documents are created and saved in XML format and documents filed with the SEC must be formatted in HTML. It is highly recommended that you paginate your documents before you begin the filing process. Pagination affects page breaks and hyperlinks. Then run Project Validation. Finally, run Preview EDGAR for each document you are about to file.

This step also displays warnings if it finds outdated EDGAR documents or instances of unresolved track changes.

To start the wizard and begin Generate EDGAR Documents:

  1. Expand the Projects panel.

  2. On the Filing tab, select Generate EDGAR Documents from the list of steps.

  3. Click the Start button.

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Choosing Your Documents

The Generate EDGAR Documents window is displayed. Here you can put checkmarks by the documents you wish to have added to the EDGAR generation.

The dialog box displays a list of all documents included in your project that can be filed. The list includes the following details for each document.

  • Document: The name of the document as it appears in the project.

  • EDGAR: This is the system generated filename which is compliant with the SEC naming convention.

  • Filing As: Provides the filing type and description of the document (this is often the same)

  • Generation Status: Indicates whether EDGAR generation is being requested, or provides the date of the last generation.

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You can edit information about the documents by clicking the pencil icon on the right side of a listed document. You can rename the .htm file, select the Filing Type, or add a Description. If you select the Use Type for Description checkbox, the Filing Type you've selected will appear in the Description box (this is a typical practice for many users).

Once your EDGAR Options are filled in, click the Apply button. Click Start Generation.

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A Document Generation Status Box appears in the Projects panel as each file is converted. Depending on the size of the documents you selected, it could take a few minutes or more to convert them to HTML.

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Viewing Your Documents

To preview an HTML formatted document

  1. Go to the Projects panel and select the Document tab.

  2. Expand the Edgar Filing Documents folder.

  3. Right-click the file and click View.

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The HTML file opens in a new browser tab as a Wdesk EDGAR view document. You can review the file and click hyperlinks to make sure they are set up correctly.