Filing with iXBRL

Differences with iXBRL Filing

Here are some differences you will see when filing with iXBRL:

  • Step 1 is now the iXBRL generation step and Step 2 is now the Generate EDGAR documents step.

  • You can view the filing on the SEC website as both an instance document and in the SEC Inline XBRL Viewer.

  • You will file one less document (6 instead of 7) since the XBRL instance document is combined with the EDGAR HTML document for the main filing type.

  • Attempting to file with SEC XBRL validation errors will result in the entire filing being suspended while traditional XBRL filings will only strip the XBRL.

Test and Live Filing

After you generate iXBRL and resolve validation messages, you can test and live file. The test and live filing follow the same process as filing with traditional XBRL.

NOTE: Attempting to test file iXBRL in a project that includes the traditional XBRL instance document causes a filing warning in Wdesk and will ultimately reject the filing. Make sure you remove the traditional XBRL instance document before filing. See the Generating iXBRL article for steps on removing the traditional instance document.

The following Help articles guide you through filing:

Other Resources

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