Filing Panel Overview

This article provides an overview of the tasks you can complete in the Projects panel to prepare for filing your documents. It also describes visual indicators that appear as you go through the filing stages, aimed at helping you know whether each stage was successful or requires additional attention.

NOTE: This article does not intend to cover every step in the filing process. For more comprehensive information, please see additional help articles.

Organizing Documents for Filing

When you work with Wdesk, you prepare and file your documents at the project level. That means all of the documents that you intend to include in a particular filing, along with the images included in those documents, must be organized into a project.

Creating a Project

If you do not have a project for your filing yet, you can create one:

  1. Choose File > Create > Project.

  2. Complete the steps in the Create New Project wizard.

  3. Display the Documents tab, and add documents to the new project.

Opening a Project

Before you initiate the filing process, open the appropriate project:

  1. Choose File > Open, and in the File Manager, click the All Projects tab. In Home, it will open in a separate browser tab.

  2. Double-click the project you want to open.

  3. The Projects panel appears on the right-hand side of the screen, showing the documents that are included in the selected project.

Using the Wizard

Before getting started using the Filing Wizard, it may be helpful to become familiar with some of its features.

In the Projects panel, you can set your target filing date in the Filing Date box:

image alt text

The Filing Wizard steps are listed in the Projects panel on the Filing sub-tab. Each step of the wizard can only be accessed once the previous step is complete, but you can return to finished steps should changes need to be made.

  • A green check mark next to the step indicates that the wizard step has been successfully completed.

  • An orange warning triangle alerts you about special circumstances that could prevent you from completing the step (e.g. your documents are outdated, have unshared changes, or have unresolved Track Changes). Click Fix to view the warnings. These warnings may have a blue icon which you can click to jump to the error.

    image alt text

If you'd like help while using the Filing Wizard, you can turn on the Guides button, and useful information will be displayed during each step of the process:

image alt text

Projects Panel Sub-Sections

The next sections describe the tabs that you can see when your project is open in the Projects panel, and how to use them to complete tasks related to the filing process.

Documents Tab

The Documents tab shows all folders and documents included within the project. Before you file, you should review the contents of the project, to confirm that all of the documents that you intend to file appear in the project.

To change the contents of the project in preparation for filing, you can do any of the following from the Documents tab:

  • Add documents to the project from your Wdesk account.

  • Upload documents from your computer.

  • Remove documents from the project.

  • Organize project documents into folders.

    image alt text

Filing Tab

On the Filing tab, you can access the Filing Wizard. This wizard takes you through a step-by-step process that includes generating EDGAR and XBRL documents, test filing, and live filing the documents within your project.

image alt text

A feature of the Filing wizard is Filing Health, clickable warnings that detail items in your filing you will want to resolve before filing.

image alt text

In addition to warnings, you may have filing Exceptions, conditions that should be reviewed for accuracy. To dismiss an Exception, in the Filing Health panel, click the E icon representing the Exception and select Mark as Verified.

image alt text

Click the Back to Checklist button at any time to return to the filing wizard.


From the XBRL tab, you can generate your XBRL instance documents and XBRL reports. When you have completed the steps in preparation for filing and are ready to file, do the following:

  • Click the Refresh Projects button at the top right hand corner of the project pane, to refresh all project attributes.

  • On the XBRL tab, click the Generate XBRL button to generate the most up-to-date instance documents.

    image alt text