Using Your SEC Sign-In Credentials

If filing company documents with the SEC, you need to have SEC sign-in credentials for the SEC website.

SEC Credentials Basics

You must have valid SEC sign-in credentials at least two business days before your filing date. If you do not have the following information, make sure you give yourself enough time to get it before the filing date.

Your SEC credentials include:

  • CIK (Central Index Key) for your company or division, which is a unique number assigned by the SEC to each public entity that files with them.

  • CCC (CIK Confirmation Code) for the CIK you use. This is a case-sensitive code used with the CIK to submit an EDGAR filing. The CCC is eight characters long, with a minimum of one number (0-9) and a minimum of one special character (@, #, &, *).

  • Password and passphrase that is unique to you.

Missing Some SEC Credentials

If you do not know your company’s CCC, you can request it from the person or company who has been filing documents for you.

If you do not know your password, you will have to reset it. Other people who file documents on your behalf do not have your password because they use their own password. Resetting your password requires that you submit your passphrase and reset the CCC as a security measure, which takes up to 48 hours.

If you do not know the passphrase either, you first need to get a new passphrase.

Resetting Credentials

For information required to reset your SEC password, refer to section 4.1 of the EDGAR Filer Manual.

You can regenerate your SEC credentials on the EDGAR Filer Management page of the SEC website.

I Need to File Now

If you do not have all the necessary SEC credential information or don’t want to reset your password before you file, you can contact your Customer Success Manager.

Your Customer Success Manager can give you a filing code to file immediately.

After your documents are filed, you can reset your passphrase, password, and CCC.