Supported SEC Form Types and Other Document Types

Supported SEC Filing Forms

Wdesk Supported Form Types

For a complete and up-to-date list of the many SEC filing forms Wdesk supports, please follow the link provided below. Forms not listed here can still be created in Wdesk and filed directly with the SEC via their website. For detailed descriptions of each form, you can view the EDGAR Forms PDF document on the SEC website (

Supported Section 16 Forms

The Wdesk Section 16 application can also file forms with the SEC. The following form types are supported by the Section 16 application:

  • Forms 3, 3/A

  • Forms 4, 4/A

  • Forms 5, 5/A

For more information on the Section 16 application, see our relevant help section.

Other Document Types

Document, Risk, Presentation, and workbooks are all documents that can be created in Wdesk, but aren't filed to the SEC.

Because these documents aren't filed directly to the SEC, some additional formatting features are allowed in them, such as vertical text in table cells, and sort and filter functions in tables/workbooks.

All document types will allow you to create external hyperlinks. However, document validation will warn you of external hyperlinks in fileable documents, and actual EDGAR filings will be rejected if an external hyperlink is present.