Preview EDGAR

This article describes how to use Wdesk to preview documents in EDGAR format. You can preview the entire document or individual sections.

While working on a filing project in Wdesk there are three times when you may want to view your document in EDGAR format:

  • To examine the entire document in EDGAR format.
  • To see how an individual section appears in EDGAR format so you can make any formatting adjustments.
  • To view the document when you are close to filing and wish to store the results directly into a filing project.

Because an EDGAR formatted document is used for filing, you are not able to modify or make changes to a document in preview mode. Close the preview and make any necessary changes to the document in Wdesk.

NOTE: Because the preview will appear in another window, you will need to disable your pop-up blocker or add an exception for

Converting a Document

As you work on your filing project, Wdesk documents are created and saved in XML format. Prior to filing you will convert those documents to the EDGAR-compliant HTML format. Previewing a document that has been converted to EDGAR format allows you examine the document exactly as it will appear as part of your filing package.

To view the entire document in EDGAR format

  1. On the File tab, click the Preview button, then select EDGAR.

  2. The conversion process for an entire document takes a few minutes.

  3. The EDGAR view will open in a new browser tab.

    image alt text

To learn how to ignore page breaks for EDGAR for a section, see the video in Working with Page Breaks.

Converting a Section

To view a single section in EDGAR format

  1. In the Outline Panel, locate the section you want to view in EDGAR format.

  2. Right-click the section, select EDGAR Preview.

  3. The process for an entire document takes a few minutes.

  4. The EDGAR Viewer will open in a new tab.

    image alt text

Preview EDGAR for a Revision

To use EDGAR Preview for a prior revision of your document, go to the History tab in the right-hand panel. Under the Actions drop-down menu for the chosen revision, select Open.

image alt text

You can see the revision number in the tab once the document is open to distinguish it from your current document, or any other revisions that might be open.

image alt text

To convert the entire revision to EDGAR html, on the File tab, click the Preview button and select EDGAR.

image alt text

To preview EDGAR for a single section of a revision, right-click on the section title in the document outline to the left and select Preview EDGAR. When you are ready to file, convert your document to EDGAR format and check for any errors.

Addressing Formatting Changes

One of the main purposes for viewing a section in EDGAR preview is to verify that the layout of your document will appear correctly in this format.

There might be some some discrepancies in how the tables appear, such as clipped text or incorrect column size. When this happens, try adjusting column types and widths in the Wdesk document.

Fixed and Variable Width Tables

When a document is previewed in EDGAR, variable width tables will contract or expand according to the contents of the cells in those columns. This is indicated by the Variable Width Table icon in the upper right-hand corner of the table.

image alt text

To set your table as variable width, right-click anywhere on an active table and choose Table Properties. In the Table sub-tab, check the Variable Width (EDGAR only) box under Options. Apply your changes.

Here you can see the top table in the EDGAR viewer was set to variable width, while the bottom one was not.

image alt text

Ignore Page Breaks

There may be times when you would like to ignore page breaks in order to keep a section together for EDGAR. For example, if you have a cover page that extends onto two pages. To display the cover page as a single page in EDGAR, right-click on the section title in the Document Outline and select Section Properties.

image alt text

On the Page Format tab, check the Ignore page breaks before the end of this section for EDGAR box.

image alt text

Note the info below alerting you to the fact that You must set an explicit starting page number on the following section. This will help you avoid page number discrepancies.

Click OK. You can see how the page will look in EDGAR format by going back to the section in the Document Outline panel, right-clicking, and selecting Preview EDGAR. Once the Preview EDGAR version of the document is displayed, you can see that the cover page displays all on one page for EDGAR output.