PowerPoint EDGAR Generator

Wdesk allows for the automatic importing and EDGAR generation of PowerPoint files.

To learn how to EDGARize a DOCX, see the article Edgarizing a Supporting Document.

To learn how to EDGARize a PDF, see the article PDF EDGAR Generator.

Importing a PowerPoint

Select the Add Document button from the Documents tab of the Projects panel and select the PowerPoint file from your computer or network drive.

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A compliance check will be run on the file prior to importing. If the file name does not meet the EDGAR filing standards, the Wdesk will suggest a new name.

It is strongly recommended you accept the changes to prevent issues at the time of filing.

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The file will be imported into the Edgar Filing Documents folder as a .pptx type.

EDGARizing Your Files

At the point of import, you will have the option to EDGARize the selected file or to skip EDGARization. If you choose to skip the EDGAR generation, you can right click on the .pptx file in the Project Panel and select EDGARize Presentation at any time.

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EDGARizing the .pptx file will create a folder in the Projects that will contain a .jpg image file for each slide as well as the .htm file, both of which will be filed with the SEC.

You can double click on the .jpg files to open and view the image in a separate tab.

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If there are changes made to the original PowerPoint file, you will need to delete the EDGAR generated files and re-upload them to the project.

Deleting Files

To delete the files, simply select the folder containing the files and select the Remove Folder icon on the Projects toolbar.