PDF EDGAR Generator

Wdesk allows for the automatic importing and EDGAR generation of PowerPoint files.

To learn how to EDGARize a DOCX, see the article Edgarizing a Supporting Document.

To learn how to EDGARize a PowerPoint, see the article PowerPoint EDGAR Generator.

EDGARizing a PDF

After opening your project, expand the right-hand task panel and select the Documents tab. Click Add Document and select the file you’d like to upload. You may be prompted to change the document’s name to fit SEC conventions.

image alt text

After your file appears in the Documents tab, right-click it and select EDGARize Presentation to begin EDGAR generation. Upon completion, a new folder with the same name as your document will be added. This folder contains the EDGARized JPG and HTM files created from your document—these files will need to remain together if filed, and the file type will need to be chosen in the filing wizard for the HTM files. If needed, you can save these files to your computer by right-clicking the folder and selecting Download.

Deleting Files

To delete the files, simply select the folder containing the files and select the Remove Folder icon on the Projects toolbar.