Non-Printing Document Sections

Purpose of Non-Printing Sections

You can create outline sections that can contain embedded XBRL facts but otherwise remain independent of your main filing information. Non-printing sections provide a more efficient way to XBRL tag and manage phantom facts, such as a single numeric value that is associated with multiple dates.

With all XBRL facts in the same document (rather than in a supplemental document), those facts in the non-printing sections are also included in the validation process.

Creating a Non-Printing Section

  1. In the document outline, select a section, and click the Add After toolbar button.

    image alt text

  2. Right-click the new section that appears, and choose Section Properties.

  3. In the Section Properties dialog box, click the Advanced Options tab, and select Set section as non-printing.

  4. Click OK to confirm you have read and understand the warning that appears.

    image alt text

  5. If you want to proceed, click OK on the Section Properties dialog box.

In the outline, a non-printing section shows italic text in a lighter gray than other sections. When you display the non-printing section, it is indicated as such by a band across the top and bottom of the section.

image alt text

If you decide you want to disable non-printing, you can return to the appropriate Section Properties, on the Advanced Options tab again, and uncheck the Non-Printing Section box. A notice will display, and you can confirm your decision or Cancel.

image alt text

XBRL in Non-Printing Sections

When you export the document, save it to other formats for printing, or generate your EDGAR HTML documents, the non-printing sections are not included. They are also excluded from pagination. However, the XBRL information included in non-printing sections is handled as follows:

  • XBRL facts are included in the instance document output.

  • XBRL/EDGAR viewer and report display Levels 1,2,3 & 4 facts and footnotes.

  • SEC Viewer displays Levels 1,2,3 & 4 facts.

  • XBRL Blackline displays the facts.