How to Have a Great Filing - SEDAR

Last Days Before Filing

  • Validate the document or project and review all notifications for any necessary fixes.
  • Preview the PDF of each document and make any necessary formatting changes.
  • Paginate (and share) each document that needs it.
  • Generate a separate PDF for each necessary filing (i.e. CFO certification, CEO certification, MD&A, FACE statements / footnotes, etc).
  • Rename PDFs so that the filing type is clear (i.e. abc2016q1ceocert.pdf) and is in an acceptable format for SEDAR filings (no symbols or spaces, and a 32 character limit).
  • Contact your CSM at least 2 weeks in advance to notify them of your filing date if you will be filing with Workiva.

Last Hours Before Filing

  • Finish making any changes to documents a couple of hours before planned filing time.
  • Verify that the quarter-end and signature dates are updated and correct in the certifications.
  • Validate the document or project one last time, preview the PDF, and make any last formatting and pagination changes.