EDGARizing a Supporting Document

You may find that you need to include additional documents of various types (such as Power of Attorney, cover letters, or other documents) to satisfy filing requirements, whether they be the SEC’s requirements or your own internal requirements. Some of these files may need to be EDGARized before they can be filed with the SEC.

To learn how to EDGARize a PDF file, see the article PDF EDGAR Generator.


From the File tab, click Import and select From DOCX to begin importing your DOCX document.

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In the Select Document Info window, select the appropriate option for Document Type and SUPPL for Project Type. If your document contains tables, you can also set Entered In, Shown In, and Decimal preferences here. When all information is set and correct, click OK to continue.

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You will be prompted to select the file you wish to import, after which the import process will begin. A status bar will appear to display the progress of your import. Depending on the project type, you may need to enter a Period End and Target Filing date. For the purposes of this process, simply choose the current date.

Images In Supporting Documents

If your supporting document includes images, a new project will be created upon import. This project will have the same name as the imported file and will include the DOCX file, with any images used included in the Images folder.

If your document did not include images, it will not be included in a project by default. In this case, include the document in an appropriate project via the Add Document button in the right-hand task panel. Choose the Add Existing option rather than Upload. You need to add the document to your project in order to edit it and include it in your filing.

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What’s Next

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